Warbirds are vintage military aircraft now owned by civilians. This Warbird Review is a special salute to all our veterans. This Review will showcase a variety of warbirds flying together in the air at the same time such as the North American Trainer T-6 Texans (originally flown by the U.S. Army) the SNJs (originally flown by the U.S. Navy), and T-28 Trojans (originally flown by both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy).

Currently there are 12 warbirds scheduled to participate in this Warbird Review.  (More may be added as we get closer to the event.)  These pieces of Americana were the predecessors to the jets now used in the military. The Review will also include two of the 2016 Florida International Air Show performers: The Class of 45, Scott Yoak and Jim Tobul. Scott Yoak flies in a P-51 Mustang “Quicksilver” and Jim Tobul flies in a Corsair F4U “Korean War Hero”.

The Warbird Review will be approximately 30 minutes of formations and fly bys to pay tribute to veterans from all branches. This will be a sight to see and similar to the North American Trainers Association affiliation (NATA) Formation Clinic including held annually at Punta Gorda Airport in March. (Last year there were 21 warbirds that participated in the clinic that flew in formation over the Charlotte Harbor to honor the USO event held at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center. In March 2017, there are 36 warbirds scheduled to participate!)