golden knights on the fias web site by trevor james samborski

The United States Army Golden Knights

The United States Army Golden Knights demonstration and competition parachute team offers spectators a thrilling look at military professionals in action.
The team is composed of about 95 men and women. Our jump personnel include two demonstration teams, a 4-way relative work group, a style and accuracy team, a tandem section and most recently, a canopy swoop team. Gold and Black, the official Army colors, are the names of our two jump teams. The 12-member teams travel about 240 days per calendar year.
Administrative and support personnel make up about half of the unit’s end strength. They provide invaluable logistical support staffing the aviation section, a headquarters section, a media relations section, and a supply section.
The team’s two Fokker C-31A Troopship jump aircraft as their primary means of transportation, and sometimes the Viking UV-18C Twin Otter Series 400.