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CURTISS JN-4 • In many ways, the Curtiss Jenny could be considered the Model T of the skies. Roughly a contemporary of Ford’s famous auto, the Jenny would eventually help to establish the practical reality of American aviation. It was the first aircraft purchased in quantity by the American military, and consequently was the first mass-produced American aircraft. Used to train over ninety percent of American pilots during WW I, it played a key role at the beginning of what would become the most powerful air force on Earth. More »
B-17G FLYING FORTRESS "TEXAS RAIDERS" • One of only eleven B-17 Flying Fortresses still flying today. Texas Raiders has been recognized by AIR CLASSICS magazine as the best restored B-17G bomber currently flying in the world. The aircraft has been restored to wartime configuration and the aircraft has one of the most unusual histories of any existing Flying Fortresses flying today and is one of the most active and visible.  More »
C-46 "THE TINKER BELLE" •The Curtiss C-46 Commando was a transport aircraft originally derived from a commercial high-altitude airliner design. Used instead as a military transport during World War II by the U.S. Army Air Forces as well as the U.S. Navy/ Marine Corps under the designation R5C. At the time of its production it was the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world, and the largest and heaviest twin-engine aircraft to see service in World War II.  More »
TBM AVENGER • The TBM Avenger was a torpedo bomber developed initially for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, and eventually used by several air or naval arms around the world. It entered U.S. service in 1942, and first saw action during the Battle of Midway. Despite losing five of the six Avengers on its debut, it survived in service to become one of the outstanding torpedo bombers of World War II. Greatly modified after the war, it remained in use until the 1960s.
F4U-4 CORSAIR "KOREAN WAR HERO" • Jim Tobul and the "Korean War Hero" F4U-4 Corsair are an exciting tribute to the men and machines that fought to defend democracy and freedom in the Korean Conflict from 1950 - 1953. Jim tells the story of this celebrated aircraft with both dramatic aerial displays and while static on the ground at airshows all over North America.  More »
P-51 MUSTANG "QUICK SILVER" • The Quick Silver P-51D Mustang—The Resurrected Veteran. Quick Silver was the dream of Father and son team Bill and Scooter Yoak. Quick Silver was built from over 200 Mustang parts and projects. It stands now as a tribute to our veterans.  More »
B-25 MITCHELL "KILLER BEE" • Although the B-25 was originally designed to bomb from medium altitudes in level flight, it was used frequently in the Southwest Pacific theater on treetop-level missions against Japanese airfields in New Guinea and the Philippines. These heavily-armed Mitchells were also used on bombing missions against Japanese shipping trying to re-supply their land-based armies. B-25s were also used with devastating effect in the Central Pacific, Alaska, North Africa, Mediterranean and China-Burma-India theaters.  More »
MB-339CB • Draken International’s MB-339CB aircraft are exceptionally low time with limited former use in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF). The aircraft possess a fully integrated suite of navigation and attack systems with individual sensors, computers and displays which provide a modern advanced training and operational capability in both Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground roles.   More »
DOUGLAS A-4K SKYHAWK • The Douglas A-4K Skyhawk is superbly suited for all Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground mission sets. This particular version of the Skyhawk, the A-4K, was extensively upgraded in the early 1990's to a standard similar to the F-16 Mid-Life-Update.  More »
DC3 "FLAGSHIP DETROIT" •The Flagship Detroit was originally delivered to American Airlines in March of 1937, and has been fully restored to its original condition. It is the oldest DC3 in the world still flying. The DC3 transcended traditional obstacles of distance, geography, and geopolitical borders. Without the DC-3 forming the foundation of the early airline industry, who knows where air travel would be today?  More »
C-45 BEECH 18 "LADY LYNN" • A military transport version of the Beechcraft Model 18, the C-45 began its 32 year production lifespan in 1937, and was continually modified throughout its production life. Eventually modified in 1941 as the advanced trainer AT-11, equipped with a small bomb bay, transparent nose section, and two .30 cal. machine guns, this variant was used for bombardier and gunnery training. A photo reconnaissance mode was the final wartime variant.  More »
L-26 L-26 COMMANDER • This 1955-vintage Commander is 1 of 15 the U.S. Air Force bought from Aero Commander for use in the Presidential fleet. The story goes: after suffering a stroke and recuperating at his farm in Gettysburg, PA, President Dwight D. Eisenhower instructed his staff to get him an airplane that could take off in Washington, fly the 60 or so miles to Gettysburg, and land at his grass strip.  More »
C1A U.S. NAVY C-1A • This C-1A, the only remaining flying Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft of its kind, was used to ferry personnel, mail and high-priority cargo, such as replacement parts, on and off of aircraft carriers and other naval ships.   More »
SPOOKY AC-47 GUNSHIP, AMERICAN FLIGHT MUSEUM •"Spooky" is restored as John Levitow's Medal of Honor Douglas AC-47 gunship. Airmen 1st Class John L. Levitow was an AC-47 loadmaster who won the Medal of Honor on a February 24, 1969 mission. The first in a series of gunships developed by the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, it was felt that more firepower was needed in some situations when ground forces called for close support.  More »
B-25J "PANCHITO" • Sponsored by the DAV, Rag Wings and Radials’ B-25J is restored as "Panchito" that served with the 396 Bomb Squadron, 41st Bomb Group, 7th Air Force, stationed in the Central Pacific. The North American B-25 was one of the most famous twin-engine medium bombers used in World War II.   More »
LOCKHEED L-12 • The Lockheed Model 12 Electra Junior, more commonly known as the Lockheed 12 or L-12, is an 8-seat, 6-passenger all-metal twin-engine transport aircraft of the late 1930s designed for use by small airlines, companies, and wealthy private individuals. Lockheed built a total of 130 ending production in 1941. This aircraft appeared in the 2009 movie Amelia as a stand-in for the Electra 10E used by Earhart in her round-the-world flight attempt.   
OV-1 MOHAWK • A one-of-a-kind design, the OV-1 was built by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps as battlefield surveillance aircraft. With a radar unit mounted under the aircraft it was the first turboprop plane to enter U.S. Army service. The OV-1 was operational until 1996.   More »
C-54 "BERLIN CANDY BOMBER" •The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation is dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of the greatest humanitarian/aviation event in history, The Berlin Airlift. This restored Douglas C-54E transport aircraft, "Spirit of Freedom" represents the 48th Troop Carrier Squadron, one of many groups which carried out the Airlift.  More »