Quicksilver P 51 D Mustang on the fias web site by trevor james samborski

Father and son team Bill and Scott “Scooter” Yoak had a dream, the QuicSilver P-51D Mustang.
Built from over 200 Mustang parts and projects, it is a tribute to our veterans, a celebration of our nation’s armed forces.
The black cape covering the front of the aircraft represents the veil of protection that our armed forces give us. The feathers symbolizing the eagle that has flown with every aviator since the birth of aviation in 1903. The black paint has tiny sparkling stars that represent American veterans who have served our great country. The silver ring behind the spinner represents the shinning halo of the guardian angel who guides service personnel to their final resting place. The black and white stripes on the wings are
invasion stripes, painted on every allied aircraft on D-day. As this silver bird streaks across the sky, let us not forget those who served, sacrificed, and gave their all. God Bless America!